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Important Customer Notice, re: Call Fraud

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October 15th 2015





A simple message do not caught out.

As a duty of care Select Telecom are alerting its customer base and any other potential customers of the ongoing issues of call fraud.

Many people simply ignore this issue and only act on it after the event.

Call fraud or commonly know as call ‘Phreaking’ is when an external party illeagally access your telecom lines and makes calls out. Normally the destination call is a high end premium number or international mobiles which can easily rack up thousands of pounds of charges in hours. The big issue is it YOU the customer who has to pay the telecom provider for these fraudulent calls.

Currently Select Telecom provides a call fraud monitoring service, this is an assurance not and insurance.

Calls are monitored and spikes of traffic are reviewed. A few hundred pounds increase in traffic might be deemed as a spike to you but it is the larger surges in traffic, calucualting to thousand that this service is looking for.

So how do i make my system/lines safe ?

Select Telecom have activally been promoting Callista, a voice firewall, which monitors your incoming and outgoing traffic. This product works very much like a data firewall with a black and white list defined by the user and will allow/deny calls being made to the preset numbers. This system will sit on your network and update itself with the latest available ‘black’ numbers to prevent call frauds occuring.

Customers with our telephone systems can also lock down their own system to prevent call hacking, by tidying up their own security.

Voice mail passwords is the main culperate. Select Telecom can assist you by upgrading/modifying/locking your existitng system to prevent illegal calls being made.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions you have regarding this blog.

Rember do not get caught out…….you have been warned !!